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This is a special spiritual school which is sponsored by a group of Paradise, Orvonton and Nebadon personalities resident here on Urantia.

The Fifth Epochal Revelation will be used extensively throughout these courses.

The Urantia Book

Havona Paradise

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Copyright ©2012 Chris Dwaine Christensen

The goal of The School of Majestone is to teach the life changing truths of The Urantia Book and the many lessons consistent with the master teachings of Christ.

We hope in time you cover the complete contents of the Urantia Book.

With the help of many angels and other beings, such as the midwayers of Urantia, subjects and topics which will make eternal life attainable to any student and will also foster the principles that will bring light and life to this world and to the individuals who invest time to study The Urantia Book.

If you are a serious student you will appreciate the format and layout of the pages in The Urantia Book.

This special spiritual website is founded by Chris Dwaine Christensen.

Chris has founded several websites to promote the dissemination of the teachings of the Urantia Book and has read this “Fifth Epochal Revelation” more than 7 times since 1998.

The Book of Majestone.Org website covers the story of his Divine Family and many exciting adventures they are engaged in.

Epochal World.Com is a website that covers events and topics of world significance.

Chris Dwaine Christensen.US is a website that expresses many of Christ’s teachings.

Christ Michael.Org is a new website specifically revealing Christ and his current ministry.

This world wide network is created and maintained by Chris Dwaine Christensen ~ Majestone.

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